The wacky puzzle game Crazy Machines released today

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Wild River Games have announced that Crazy Machines VR will be available on the PlayStation Store and in retail as from today. Players who want to test their skills on Crazy Machines’ ludicrous puzzles in virtual space will be able to purchase the game directly from the PlayStation Store or in retail.

Crazy Machines VR is the latest offshoot from the award-winning puzzle classic for PlayStation VR, offering players fascinating worlds and game mechanics in 40 different levels. Once players discover a mysterious package with an incredibly complicated machine, their world is turned upside down.

For the first time, the players act as the professor himself and not “just” as his dutiful assistant. Should the professor not be able to solve a puzzle despite his clever approaches, he has a grouchy robot at his side, which mercifully gives him some useful hints. 

The five varied chapters of the game developed by FAKT Software are full of challenges and unique environments that provide fans of Crazy Machines a refreshing experience. Their journey takes them through unexplored dimensions to the professor’s consciousness of pure chaos. Crazy Machines VR is full of little discoveries and is a tribute to a franchise that has been successful on various platforms for more than ten years.

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