The Sojourn can now be pre-ordered for Xbox and PC

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As the teams at Shifting Tides and Iceberg Interactive prepare to share The Sojourn with the world on September 20, the developers invite you to make the trip with them to a new land. One that is beautifully crafted, complete with dichotomy and paradox. 

Pre-orders for the award-winning title are now open for Xbox One and Windows via the Epic Games Store.

Watch the Cinematic Trailer on YouTube or below if you can’t bring yourself to leave our lovely site:

Set in a gorgeous and mysterious environment, with intuitive yet challenging puzzles, The Sojourn takes the player on a journey of introspection, even questioning the very nature of reality. Follow two intertwining lights as they guide you through a world of obstacles and challenges, each more intricate than the last.

The Sojourn Key Facts

  • Beautiful, ethereal world to explore: four hand-crafted chapters, each with distinct styles and atmospheres. 
  • 10+ hours of gameplay. 
  • Evolving and rich first-person puzzle mechanics.
  • Philosophical, thoughtful narrative.

Key Links

The game is coming to Xbox One, PS4, and the Epic Games Store on Windows PC on September 20, 2019.

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