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Game Developers Conference 2017 logo and poster showing dates

The Golden City says goodbye to GDC 2017

Yesterday saw this year’s Games Developers Conference, which was being held in San Francisco, come to a close. It is the largest and longest serving event for anyone who has the desire and passion for creating video games, and we’ve only covered a minute fraction of what went on there. It doesn’t matter if you’re putting out a massive AAA title or you’re a one man indie studio; anyone who is anyone will be at or will at least want to be at this event and this year saw some impressive figures. There were over 26,000 professional attendees with 570 different companies exhibiting their stuff, and all those people sat through over 500 lectures, panels, tutorials and round-table discussions.

It’s impossible to sum everything up so instead, we’ll just leave you with next year’s dates which are Monday 19th March to Friday 23rd March, 2018, and these links to the GDC website and the GDC Vault website containing a tonne of information about what just went down at GDC 2017 including lecture notes and other videos.

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