The Evil Within 2 game and soundtrack now available

From survival horror mastermind, Shinji Mikami, comes The Evil Within 2. Released today on PC, PS4 and Xbox One the game is taken to a whole new level by game designer John Johanas who had this to say:

With The Evil Within 2we wanted to give fans a compelling reason to return to the STEM world, a hellscape no one willingly intends to revisit. For the sequel, we took a more open approach to encourage greater freedom of exploration and to allow players to pick and choose how they want to play. Players must truly prepare themselves in order to survive.”

Along with the game’s release was also the release of the game’s soundtrack, which comes from the dark mind of composer Masatoshi Yanagi. If you fancy getting the soundtrack as well as the game, or instead of, then head on over to SpotifyiTunes and Amazon music platforms.

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