The American Dream Giveaway!

by Lars
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Flipping burgers, a day at the carnival with your best girl – all things improved by the addition of superior firepower.

We’ve had the chance to experience Samurai Punk’s glorious gunpowder farce – find our review here – and now you can look down the barrel of the future too, with our first ever VR giveaway! Exciting. Regardless of your opinions we can all agree that games wouldn’t be the same without a bullet or two, and The American Dream gives you a shot at a future made brighter by a generous helping of trigger-assisted fun.

To be in with a chance to win just tweet us (@fullsyncnetwork) with a picture of your VR setup. Winner gets a free game so get those trigger fingers ready and draw. Go on. Just shoot them over to us whenever. Competition runs until 9:00pm (GMT) this Friday so you should aim to have your entry in by then (hopefully Twitter loads your entries fast enough. I don’t know. It’s a shot in the dark).


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