Terrorarium is Out Now in Early Access on Steam for Windows and Mac

by MaddOx
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Today —right now even — strike fear into the heart of every adorable and/ or expendable Moogu. Show them you’re willing to do anything… including some population control.

To mark the occasion, Terrorarium developers Stitch Media have unveiled a new launch trailer which you can check out below:

Remind you of anything? Maybe? PERHAPS?!

Play as The Gardener, a feisty space granny who sends her little Moogu minions out to tackle hazards and keep herself out of harm’s way. Then create your own murder garden using Terrorarium‘srobust customisation tools, from placement of deadly plants, to size and difficulty scaling of enemies to beat.

Really though, Terrorarium proposes a simple joy: wanton destruction and adorable gore. It is escort missions where you actually get to lead the escort(s) to their death. Fun, right? Right?! Yeah, thought so.

Anyhoo, Terrorarium is available now on Steam for Windows and Mac.


  • 100+ customizable unique monsters, deadly plants and dangerous terrain.
  • Embody The Gardener and send your Moogu to their inevitable doom.
  • Quick Play community-made mazes, gauntlets, gardens, or whatever else players dream up.
  • Easily shareable levels, challenge your frenemies!


If you’re looking for more game news, just click HERE and we’ll get you your fix.

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