Technology News roundup

It’s Friday night and we’re here with your tech news roundup…

Americans are cutting the TV cord

Not too long ago we wrote an article about IPTV, explaining what it is and why people choose it over TV packages with the likes of BT, Sky and Virgin Media. One of the main reasons was due to the reduced cost, as much of it is free and those packages that aren’t, average out for a year subscription around the same price that one of the big three providers would charge for a month.

And it’s not just here in the UK that it’s happening, as a recent report by SNL Kagan revealed that in the second quarter of the year, 976,000 people cut the TV cord on your typical cable and satellite packages. And as bad as that is, the number of people moving away from traditional TV providers is actually slowing down.

Stil, it isn’t looking good. And with most providers thinking the way forward is to up prices so they don’t lose money, it only looks like more and more people will move away to cheaper alternatives.

Deliveroo investing in takeaway technology

You have probably seen them riding around on their bikes and scooters, with that green box on the back. Yes, it’s the Deliveroo drivers responsible for bringing you those naughty takeaway treats we all eat far too much of.

Well, they’re doing more than just delivering food now as they’ve announced an investment in a new software that will help deliveries arrive more quickly, as well as help the restaurants who cook the food become more efficient so they can cut costs.

The new toolkit that Deliveroo are looking to roll out will be trialled in its 160 Editions kitchens, which are small hubs where Deliveroo house takeaways in a central location, removing the costs of buying high-street premises. If successful, the software will then be offered out to the 25,000 restaurants it has on its books.

Sandberg launch new catalogue

Our friends at Sandberg launched a new catalogue this week, showcasing a range of their latest and most innovative products. With everything from outdoor accessories, cables and a bunch of equipment from their eSports range, there is something for all your IT accessory needs.

And you can check out the new catalogue yourself right HERE.

And until next week, where we’ll be at i61, that’s all we have time for. If you’re going to the gaming festival yourself, make sure you come say hi, if not, then you can always send us a cheery hotel on our social media pages or just as a comment on the bottom of one of our posts.

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