Technology News roundup

It’s Friday so that can only mean one thing…. It’s time for a Technology News roundup.

Sandberg release tough new Powerbank

Festival season is here, and if you’re like me then if you don’t have your phone with you on full power, you feel like you’ve lost a limb. You can pay to charge your devices up at specialist stalls around the venues but they charge an arm and a leg for you to just get an hours worth of juice.

So what’s the alternative? Well, Sandberg decided to release their new Survivor Powerbank. Built to withstand the most extreme weather and even mosh pits, this Powerbank packs a huge 20100 mAh battery in a shell that’s as rugged as Chuck Norris.

Here’s what CEO Martin Hollerup had to say:

“You don’t hike for five days through the jungle in high heels, loafers or Italian leather shoes. You need hiking boots. Proper gear that is good for the hiker and at the same time can withstand the terrain. What we have made here is basically the Powerbank-equivalent to hiking boots.”

If you fancy getting your hands on one of these bad boys, you can find them on the Sandberg website HERE.


The latest signing in the MLS

Whether it was Luis Garcia’s ghost goal against Chelsea in the Champion’s League or the disallowed Frank Lampard goal against Germany in the world cup, there is always controversy in football. And where there is controversy, there is the argument for introducing Video Assistant Refereeing (VAR).

As people begin trialling the new technology available, trying to see how much of a disruption it causes and to see if it does more harm than good, others are leading the way by just bringing the technology straight in. One of those wanting to lead the way is the MLS who have decided for this season ahead, VAR is going to take a prominent role in the game we all love.

It isn’t going to be a case where each team can challenge every decision in the game, it’ll be limited to four key areas. Firstly, it’ll help decide cases of mistaken identity. Afterall, no one wants a repeat of the Gibbs and Oxlaide-Chamberlain mix up for Arsenal. Secondly, VAR will be put to use for helping reduce the errors surrounding goals, so if a player is offside or a foul has been made in the build-up, the referee can disallow it. The final two areas are for awarding penalty decisions and debating whether a red card should be awarded.

I have to say, I’m glad this technology is being brought in but the question is, will it take something away from the beautiful game? Or will we be just as satisfied going in to work on a Monday morning without anything to moan about? Only time will tell.

And that’s your lot today, we’ll be back tomorrow with our Gaming News roundup.

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