Tech News roundup

As well as game news we thought it’d be nice to update you on some news from the tech world too.

iClone 7 release

No, it isn’t a software that clones iPhones or a new technique used for cloning people. iClone 7 is the latest virtual production platform software release from the people over at Reallusion. The previous versions have had quite a lot of success with it becoming quite popular with all manner of people, from indie filmmakers to professional studio crews.

Here’s a list of newest features in the latest release:

  • PBR Physically-Based Rendering
  • NVIDIA Global Illumination (VXGI)
  • 60-morph facial animation rig
  • Character pipeline for Unity and Unreal
  • Live Mocap – Total Body Motion Capture solution
  • Techviz & Previz with Real Camera System & Camera Switch (RED, Alexa, Canon)
  • Morph Creator & Morph Animation
  • LUT library with Film Looks
  • Lighting & Shadow Pass, Shadow Casting, Matte Shadow & Invisible Mesh Plane
  • Temporal Anti-Aliasing (TAA)
  • IBL Bake 360° Capture
  • HBAO+ (Enhanced Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion)
  • Motion Curves with Graph Editor (7.1)
  • Visual Learning Library with hundreds of quick-reference feature videos
Eye don’t believe it

You may have heard that the new Samsung S8 has taken security to a whole new level with its iris-scanning technology that unlocks your phone. Well, they aren’t the only ones who are jumping on the bandwagon as it was announced today that TSB will also be using it as a security feature on their banking app, the first bank to do so in Europe. Is it a wise idea? Who knows. But with rumours that a German group managed to hack the S8 iris-scanner, let’s hope TSB know what they’re doing.

“Alexa. Tell the dog it’s bath time.”

Most people already talk to their dogs but for the most part, they probably think their owners are speaking jibberish except for a few commands they understand like “sit” and “stay”. Well, that may not be the case much longer as Amazon announces that they believe pet translators aren’t far off from being released. It was spoken about in a recent report associated with the launch of their new Shop The Future store which is full of all kind of futuristic gadgets, and it is sure to have a lot of people excited that they may actually be able to hold conversations with their pets. Personally, I think all my cats will say is “Feed me, slave!” but you never know, maybe it’ll turn out they actually aren’t as evil as the sometimes come across.


And that’s all we have time for today, we’ll be back again soon with some more news, reviews or just pure gobbledygook that makes no sense.

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