Streamers! It’s time to get your kung-fu on in One Finger Death Punch 2!

by MaddOx
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One Finger Death Punch 2 is looking for YouTube streamers who want all the action-packed kung-fu fury their fingers can handle! Think the cool previews only go to the big channels? NOT THIS TIME! Grab a free early access copy of One Finger Death Punch 2, the fastest brawler ever made (we’re not kidding).  No channel is too small and the developers are looking for anyone interested before the game launches to everyone on April 15, 2019! Play it now before anyone else!

And you can request keys on by clicking HERE.

About One Finger Death Punch 2

The world’s fastest brawler is back. Experience cinematic kung-fu in the most epic stickman fighter ever made. Staying true to the original, you play with only two buttons. Every press matters, so don’t button mash! You’re surrounded, outnumbered and have to use any weapon you can get your hands on to dismantle your opponents in a flurry of kung fu! The game feature experimental gameplay and a unique two-button combat mechanic, there’s nothing else like it!

For more game news, click HERE.

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