Stop everything – Knack is a PSPLUS free game in February!

Goddamn guys, Sony has outdone even the solid past few months of free games with this one. Knack – that’s right, ladies and gentlemen, KNACK is one of your free games this month, only on PS4.

We’re all gonna be this happy soon.

I just can’t believe what I’m seeing here. Following up on Infamous: Second Son and the phenomenal Metal Gear Solid V we have perhaps the best game of this generation. Maybe the greatest game of all time. I for one wasn’t expecting this level of quality from Sony this time but it looks like the company is still capable of pulling out all the stops in a pinch. Personally I’m just thankful that I finally went for a PS4 Pro this week so I can enjoy this seminal platformer in the way it was meant to be played.

Oh, and we’re also getting RiME and StarBlood Arena as freebies too, but don’t act like you’ll have any spare time with Knack on your console. For free! I’m still in shock.

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