Starsector gets galactic update

Starsector, the sci-fi warfare management and role-playing game by Fractal Softworks, has received a galactic sized update to improve the game’s already stellar mechanics, skills and campaign narrative. You can check out the full details of the latest update over on the development blog HERE, but check below for a quick summary of some of the recent changes that the developers have introduced:

  • More hand-crafted star systems to flesh out the core worlds area of the Sector
  • Procedurally-generated areas to explore beyond the core worlds
  • Run salvage operations and planetary surveys, with associated missions for further profit
  • Ship recovery – repair derelict ships or ships disabled after battle and add them to your fleet
  • Revamped carrier & fighter mechanics – command fighters launched from your carrier
  • New campaign abilities – scavenging, distress calls, and more
  • Skill overhaul – added Industry aptitude; every point matters
  • Several new ships, including new carriers
  • New terrain types – pulsar beams and black holes
  • A new “reckless” officer personality
  • + lots of fixes and improvements!

And if that wasn’t enough, here’s a little trailer for you to watch as well:

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