snakebyte welcomes the GAME:PAD 4S WIRELESS

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snakebyte group, leading innovators of gaming hardware, announced today the shipping of GAME:PAD 4S WIRELESS (BLUE) an advanced controller compatible with all models of PlayStation 4.

The perfect replacement or second controller, this snakebyte controller gives you freedom from wires, but without sacrificing latency, thanks to advanced Bluetooth technology providing a rock-solid connection and low response times.

Unlike many third-party controllers, snakebyte’s does not hold back on quality or features, including a fully responsive touch-pad for interactive gaming, as well as Dual Vibration Motors, delivering realistic haptic feedback with compatible games. Twin Analog Sticks offer highly responsive, precision control, and the 3.5mm headphone jack allows gamers to connect their choice of headset.

Standing out in a sea of dull controllers, the GAME:PAD 4S WIRELESS (BLUE)  is sure to turn heads with fashionable blue styling and sleek ergonomics.

snakebyte's GAME:PAD 4S WIRELESS in blue

Marc-Alexander Knipschild, Head of Marketing for snakebyte commented:

The PS4 is the most popular console of this generation and is set for another strong year with the summer break fast approaching and now more than ever, the demand for extra game controllers is high. We have worked hard to ensure the GAME:PAD 4S WIRELESS (BLUE) stands out and delivers the performance gamers demand. We believe the GAME:PAD 4S WIRELESS (BLUE) offers a ‘no-compromise’ solution for gamers, providing a reliable wireless connection, advanced features and superb value for money.

The new snakebyte controller is shipping now, available from all leading gaming retailers.

For more information, visit snakebyte and follow snakebyte on Facebook, and Twitter.

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