snakebyte Sets Stage for Google Stadia

by MaddOx
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snakebyte group, leading innovators of consumer electronics hardware, announced today their intention to have a range of gaming controllers and accessories compatible with Google Stadia in time for the launch of the cloud stream service, expected November 2019.

A new cloud gaming service by Google, Stadia requires no console or computer hardware, simply requiring an internet connection and a device supporting the Google Chrome browser. An end to patches, downloads and never-ending hardware upgrades, Stadia promises to unite both gamers and those who enjoy watching games into one unified global community. Stadia supports game streaming at 60 frames per second, as well as compatibility with 4K gaming and HDR.

Marc-Alexander Knipschild, Head of Marketing for snakebyte commented:

Google Stadia represents a step-change in gaming and an expansive, inclusive service which we believe will open gaming up to millions of new customers. snakebyte has always prided itself on the ability to arrive first to market, and we’re hard at work in creating a range of new accessories designed to capitalize on the unique accessibility and flexibility Stadia offers, and we look forward to sharing more details shortly.

For more information, visit snakebyte and follow snakebyte on Facebook, and Twitter.

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