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Snake is back on the revamped Nokia 3310

We all enjoy new technological advances; from smarter phones and thinner laptops to tech-enabled care such as GPS tracking shoes for our elderly relatives with dementia. The time has come though where we seem to be reverting back to our home comforts. We’ve realised that we have all become too reliant on technology, it’s been that way for a long time, our eyes always glued to some kind of screen. It seems though that the general public has finally awoken from the coma-like daze it’s been in and people are making changes for the better.

Nokia has picked up on the changes in market trends and 17 years after it’s initial birth, the Nokia 3310 has been reborn.

The Mobile World Conference took place this weekend and during it Nokia relaunched their classic phone with a new revamped look (see below). The updated version will be available later this year for the small sum of £41 and is ideal for anyone who wants to go back to basics, leaving their oversized smartphones behind. The phone isn’t exactly the same as it once was though in fact lots of improvements have been made, especially in the battery life department. You thought it was great before where you could go over a week without charging? Well, now it will last up to a month in standby mode and 22 hours in talk time, although who could talk that long on a phone is beyond me.

There is one familiar face we’ll see though and that’s Snake! Yes! You heard right. The popular game is back along with the revamped phone and will no doubt become a hit once more. It also means we’ll no doubt see a wave of clone games on SmartPhones but they’ll never be as great as the original.

If you’d like to know more about the phone and how to go about getting one, you can visit the dedicated page on the Nokia website HERE.

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