Sleeping Dogs movie confirmed with Donnie Yen as lead

All-around martial art master, actor, and generally good guy Donnie Yen has announced his attachment to the Sleeping Dogs movie adaptation via Instagram.

Originally released in 2012, Sleeping Dogs received plenty of positive reviews but never blossomed into a franchise – here’s hoping a Donnie Yen fronted movie sparks a revival from whatever ashes remain of shuttered developer United Front Games. It was a savage take on the open world crime game, even taking some elements of SEGA’s inimitable Yakuza series in its inevitable GTA DNA. You probably own it in some way or another – it’s been offered out as a Game with Gold and can be picked up dirt cheap with some entertaining DLC these days. If you haven’t played it, now is the time – the rest of us will wait to see Donnie Yen dispense some violent Hong Kong justice when the movie hits.

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