Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl, on Oculus Quest

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Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl unites the global VR community in battle with full cross-platform support across HTC Vive (Pro), Vive Focus (+), Oculus Rift (S), Windows Mixed Reality and now Oculus Quest. With the new Fresh Meat DLC available for free on all platforms, players can now challenge their friends to quick and intense PvP battles on 20+ VR battle arenas and enhance their deck with a variety of new units that possess abilities never seen before, such as healing and spawning more units.

About Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl

All is fair in love and VR! Friends turn foes as you set foot in the VR battle arenas of Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl. From the creators of Arizona Sunshine, set in the universe of Skyworld, comes an action-packed real-time multiplayer game, exclusively for VR.

In Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl, you collect and upgrade dozens of cards to build a powerful deck, and watch your cards come to life as you cast spells and summon forces to wipe your enemy off the map. Join a clan, take on opponents from around the globe in regular online tournaments, and claim your place on the global leader boards. This is no friendly battle… this is war!

  • Play dozens of cards to deploy troops and cast spells
  • Challenge friends worldwide in cross-platform multiplayer
  • Choose from over 20 unique battle arenas
  • Join a clan, battle for glory and claim your rewards!
  • Claim a place on the global leader boards
  • Make a name for yourself in regular tournaments
  • Vanquish your enemies with dragons and fireballs!
  • Wage war and be victorious!

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