Skyfront VR flying onto Steam Early Access

Levity Play announced today that their multiplayer first-person shooter, Skyfront VR, will be arriving on Steam Early Access on November 10th. This is no ordinary VR game which can cause the player to feel nauseous though as Levity Play has introduced some unique locomotion mechanics to eradicate the issue by helping to centre players and provide them with a more comfortable gameplay experience.

How does it work? Well here is the science explained:

Movement is handled by moving one’s hands, translating to 1:1 movement in this virtual, zero-gravity space. By forcing players to consciously guide their in-game movements with their physical body, this eliminates the sensory conflict that often occurs when movement is dictated by a joystick.

So, if you fancy playing VR without throwing up, this new FPS may just be the game you’re looking for.


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