SJCAM Launch New SJ9 Series

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SJCAM, the action camera manufacturer who eased its way into the market with the release of the SJ4000, is pleased to announce the launch of its new SJ9 Series. Consisting of 2 models – the SJ9 Strike and SJ9 Max, both the new cameras feature some impressive specifications.

One of the new cameras to the SJ9 Series, the SJ9 Max, unboxed with a grey outer shell.
SJ9 Max

The most powerful SJCAM cameras to date, the SJ9 Strike and SJ9 Max are the perfect companions to any adventures you have planned – both above and below water. With a 2.33” touch screen display and 1300mAH battery on both models, the new cameras also introduce the below features:


Leave the waterproof case behind – the new SJ9 models are both waterproof up to 10m deep without any housing. The sleek new design and waterproofing make both cameras perfect for any underwater adventures.

Supersmooth Gyro Stabilization

Capture every moment in crisp, clear detail thanks to the super smooth gyro stabilization. Make shaky images a thing of the past – both the SJ9 Strike and SJ9 Max give you the capability to make vibrant, sharp videos. The SJ9 Strike boasts a six-axis Gyroscope, whilst the SJ9 Max includes a three-axis Gyroscope.


Show adventures as they happen with the new Live Stream feature. Simply use the SJCAM app to select streaming with either Facebook or YouTube, choose the WiFi network and start streaming!

One of the new cameras to the SJ9 Series, the SJ9 Strike, unboxed with a black outer shell.
SJ9 Strike

Wireless Charging

Charging your camera becomes a breeze with the new SJ9 Strike and SJ9 Max. Say goodbye to cables and hello to simple, hassle-free charging!​

Impressive specifications

The SJ9 Strike model also features the best components from previous SJCAM models. The super powerful Amabarella H22S85 chipset and the Sony_IMX377 image sensor means it can record 4K at 60fps and even 240fps at 1080p. These high specifications also mean the timelapse can be used with intervals up to 30 minutes, slow up footage of up 8x, digital zoom and much more.

Let your passion for adventure guide you – the new SJ9 Series are ready to go wherever you choose!

Pricing and Availability:

The new SJ9 Max and SJ9 Strike are available for pre-order now. Approximate pricing will be SJ9 Strike – RRP £209, SJ9 Max – RRP £159. For more information and to pre-order visit:

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