#ScreenshotSaturday favourites

We’re back again folks with some more awesome features from #ScreenshotSaturday

First up this week we have Trick Art Dungeon made by G1 Playground. This awesome little game uses a ‘trick art’ style that brings in optical illusions to boggle the player’s mind. It very much reminds me of the awesome mobile Monument Valley which got me through many a night shift at work, hence why I thought it deserved a mention today.


The second featured game this week is AER made by the team over at Forgotten Key. Similar in graphical style to the game above, this beautifully crafted adventure title has you transforming into a bird to explore floating islands whilst the end of the world looms over the female protagonist. The game will be getting released on October 25th and if you like what you see from the gif below, you can check it out on Steam HERE.


And our final inclusion this week is ASCENT, a game that pays homage to the likes of Crash BandicootRayman and Spyro (pretty much every game I played when growing up). It has taken over a year and a half for Spark Games to develop to the point where they have been able to create a trailer to show off their game, and we’re happy to say we can share it with you today.


And that sums up this week’s #ScreenshotSaturday favourites. Don’t be afraid to message the developers and pass on your feedback, without that they can’t improve their games so that people will enjoy them as they have nothing to go off. Until next week folks, cheerio!

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