#ScreenshotSaturday favourites

Let’s just jump straight into the Indie loving action this week.

First up we’ve got a familiar face returning again and this game just looks more incredible every time we visit it, yes it’s My Friend Pedro: Blood Bullets Bananas by DeadToast Entertainment. In the latest clip they’ve shared with the world, we see the acrobatic assassin skateboarding through the level performing all sorts of flips and tricks whilst spraying bullets at anyone who stands in his way.


Next up, we’ve found a wonderfully crafted 3rd-person exploration game called The First Tree, developed by David Wehle. The game follows two parallel stories of a fox trying to find her missing family and a son connecting with his estranged father. If the story is as beautiful as the artwork, this is going to be a sure fire Indie hi, and what makes their inclusion more special is this will be their last #ScreenshotSaturday before releasing the game this week.


And finally, you all know I love a good horror game, so here’s the latest #ScreenshotSaturday post from Dynamic Pixels and tinyBuild for their game Hello Neighbour. The last thing you expect to see when hiding in a wall is somebody else, especially the very same person you’re spying on.



That concludes this weeks roundup of our favourite #ScreenshotSaturday posts, go show those Indies some FULLSYNC love and come back next week for more of our finds.

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