#ScreenshotSaturday favourites

Another week of wading through a bunch of fantastic indie games, and here’s our favourite #ScreenshotSaturday moment we found.

First up is a side-scrolling arcade style shoot ’em up called Skychasers, developed by two awesome individuals I stumbled across on Twitter NicolaiGD and WhyNotArtDump. The game strays away from your usual 2D side-scroller by allowing the player to navigate multiple different ways and flipping back on yourself as opposed to being forced into just shooting in one direction.

Next up we have a twin-stick slasher called Cubers, developed by a Thomas Dziobek. Thrust into the middle of an arena, you’ll be faced with wave-upon-wave of enemies trying to kill you. It looks like this game is going to be a tonne of fun, I just hope that it has a co-op mode so I can go back-to-back with a buddy and kick some serious butt.


This next piece comes from a tactical turn-based RPG game called The Iron Oath, developed by Curious Panda Games. It’s not anything too fancy, but it does give a good representation of the work that goes into not just creating a character but also animating them too. So next time you play your favourite game, appreciate how much work goes into it. And although we’ve not shown off much from the game, if you do like the look/sound of it, you can go back them on Kickstarter HERE.

And that concludes this week’s #ScreenshotSaturday favourites. We’ll try our best to be back next week but I’ll be swanning off to Birmingham for the Insomnia Gaming Festival so I may not get a chance to post. And if you’re there yourself, don’t be shy and come say hi.

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