#ScreenshotSaturday favourites

We’re back again with another of our #ScreenshotSaturday favourites, so, without any further delay let’s see who our first featured indie dev is…

With a new trailer for their very ambitious open-world survival RPG called Seeking Dawn, we have Multiverse Entertainment. The game sees the player stranded on a strange planet where you are forced to scavenge for dwindling resources, with only the team you’ve landed with for help. Facing fierce creatures, crafting tools and more, this game looks to be a surefire hit if the devs can get everything right.

Our second featured indie game is MidKnight Story. Inspired by classic games such as The Legend of Zelda and BioShock, this adventure game will take you on a journey of mystery, love and death whilst exploring foreign lands. Check the gameplay video below showing off some of the game’s weapon mechanics, and if you like what you see check out the Facebook page HERE to keep up with the game’s latest developments.

Finally, we have a good friend of ours from Tall Story Studios with her game Spiritlands. In her latest update to the game, she’s made some really big changes, changing the whole look and feel of the game by removing certain elements and introducing a scalable user interface.

And that wraps up this week’s edition. We’ll have more content coming all week, so make sure you keep coming back every day.

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