#ScreenshotSaturday favourites

So this week I’ve broken my phone, been ill for two days, told that my car is going to cost twice as much its worth to repair it and then to round things odd, the team I support get thumped by Tottenham Hotspur. I almost just feel like giving up right now. But I didn’t want to let our lovely readers down.

The first game up today, which has been developed by VR Factory, is one that I think I’m going to need after this week, Bartender VR Simulator. This looks like a fantastic game to play, it’s just a shame that at the end of all your hard work you don’t get some lovely cocktails to drink.


Next up we have Galactic Feud. This fast-paced party brawler, developed by Fat Bomb Studios, looks like a really fun multiplayer game that will definitely come in handy to help you and your friends decide who gets to pick the takeaway for your girls night in, or for who is getting the first round in down the pub for your lads night out. And just to note, women and men are allowed to socialise together, we are by no means indicating that people of the opposite sex have to stick together. Anyway, here is the latest Galactic Feud trailer.


And finally, we have a glimpse of the pre-alpha stages for Elyra: Echoes from the Void by Alcyon Games. This sci-fi exploration, side-scrolling shooter really looks like it’s going to be a tonne of fun, and kind of reminds me Alien. I wonder what we’ll find deep down in the tunnels.


That sums up everything I have in me this week, hopefully, next week isn’t too bad compared and there isn’t anything else that brakes along the way. See you all next Sunday when we’ll be back with more of our favourite #ScreenshotSaturday moments.

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