#ScreenshotSaturday favourites

So this weekend we’ve not had much time to look for any #ScreenshotSaturday moments because we’ve been busy checking out PLAY Expo Manchester. Fortunately, we were able to check out some awesome indie games in person which we thought we’d share with you guys instead.

First up and the one that was probably my favourite game I played all weekend was Employee of the Month by Team Cup of Char. It was a 2-4 multiplayer party game with a really simple concept in which you go around an office painting the floor in your colour, whilst other people aim to do the same. The catch is that one of you have to carry a baby, and whilst in possession of the said baby you can’t paint the floor, so you have to run around fobbing it off onto one of the other players. In a bid to assist you there are power-ups that get dropped randomly throughout each round; coffee to make you run around real fast, paperwork which slows down your enemies, and mobile phones which stuns everyone but you.

Josh won Employee of the month both in the game and at FULL SYNC. Although does it really count if you give the title to yourself?

The second inclusion today isn’t actually a video game, instead, it’s a card game called Random Minds. Like Cards Against Humanity which I’m sure you’ve all heard of, this is a card game that pushes the boundaries, as long as you have the imagination to do so anyway. Ideal for playing whilst you try to get pissed or just entertaining guests, you’ll use the cards available which are split into three categories to create a story. Here’s what Josh came up with when Elmo stepped into the ring.

Elmo used a 5-inch butt plug to masturbate vigorously in front of an audience. Let’s just hope it wasn’t his usual Sesame Street one.

And finally, the last game to include today was Glo by Chronik Spartan. It very much reminded me of Thomas was Alone with its super simplistic art style using nothing but geometric shapes whilst still being able to tell a story and give a small square a sense of belonging in life. The idea is that you make your way to the portal at the end of each level, the problem is it’s not so simple because you’re surrounded by darkness. All you have is a small glow around you, and an ability to fire orbs of light in any direction so you can light up your surroundings and get a feel for the layout of the level.

 #Glo may not look great in this video but its an intense light based platformer made by #gamedev @Chronik_Spartan @ #playexpo in #gamemaker! pic.twitter.com/wOoNGBSKkW

And that pretty much sums up today’s #ScreenshotSaturday favourites. We’ll  be sure to write up a little bit more about our visit to PLAY Expo Manchester and share it this week, so if you want to find out what else we got up to, make sure you come back to read all about it. Otherwise, until next week folks when we’ll share some more of our favourite #ScreenshotSaturday moments with you.

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