#ScreenshotSaturday favourites

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I’ve been on the lookout again for some amazing Indie projects and these are this week’s #ScreenshotSaturday favourites…

First up we’ve got a really cool looking VR game from Carbon Studio called The Wizards. This magical little action adventure allows you to explore a fantasy world whilst wielding elemental magic to tackle your enemies. This clip we’ve found is of a dancing Orc Sharman, which not only looks good but also expresses how I’m feeling with only a week to go until premier league football starts again next week. For more info on the game, you can check out their website HERE.

The next game we’ve included this week is down to being just purely creepy and actually weirding me out a little bit. Here is Paper Cut Mansion’s mechanical baby doll.


And our final inclusion this week is from Nodding Head Games, a studio who base their game’s stories from legends and myths of the Indian subcontinent. They’ve been working very hard on their first Kickstarter campaign for their game Raji: An Ancient Epic, and after listening to the feedback from a wide array of people, they’ve tweaked the artwork and other bits of the game and we think it’s looking fantastic.

So that’s it for this week; three really different pieces that we’ve included but all have captured our attention for one reason or another. Make sure you show these devs your support and come back again next week where we’ll have some more of our #ScreenshotSaturday favourites for you.

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