Sandberg release the Survivor CamperPowerbank 42000

by MaddOx
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Let’s get one thing straight right away: The new powerbank from Sandberg is not pocket-sized. Weighing 2 kg, it is not really designed to fit in your bag either. 

It’s a powerbank that you take with you when you go camping or to a festival. Then you have all the power you need!

With a capacity of 42,000 mAh and a whole host of different outlets, as well as a really powerful torch, many needs are covered all at once with the Survivor CamperPowerbank 42000. For example, there is a 12V outlet like the one you have in your car, so that fridges, coffee machines or similar appliances can be connected via a cigarette lighter socket.

Erling Hoff Petersen, Sales Director at Sandberg A/S, explains:

Our aim was to create a product that for example campers can use to power all kinds of electronic and electrical equipment – including when you are not at a camp-site with a plug socket. It means you have power with you instead.

The Survivor CamperPowerbank 42000 is part of the Sandberg Active series, a series of high-quality outdoor gadgets.

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