Sandberg announces new large gaming desk pad

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Sandberg’s new gaming desk pad, which measures no less than 90 cm on its longest side, takes up about the same amount of space as an entire desk.

The idea here is that you place your keyboard on the surface as well, hence the name ‘Desk pad’ rather than ‘Mousepad’. As you have probably guessed, the large pad – which also has a non-slip underside – will stay in place.

An LED strip of lights runs the entire edge, illuminating in a variety of colours and providing an eye-catching frame for the desk.

The item itself is thick, durable and very comfortable and gives you a high level of precision. It can even be rolled up to store safely away or take with you to any LAN tournaments you may attend, or just round to a friends house.

Further information about both the pad and the entire Sandberg gaming range can be found on the official website at

RGB Soft Desk Pad XXXL

Sandberg's Gaming Desk Pad

Item no.: 520-34 
RRP incl. VAT: £42.99
– Anti-slip rubber on the bottom side
– Locked edge
– Dimensions: 900 x 450 x 4 mm
– USB powered
– 7 LED lights
– Touch button

And if that wasn’t enough and you fancy reading some more news from ourselves, then just click right HERE.

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