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Saints Row 2 free on GOG – plus massive Deep Silver sale

If you head over to GOG at some point in the next 40 hours you can snag yourself a free copy of Saints Row 2 on PC via the service.

Accompanying the giveaway are some huge savings on Deep Silver titles, including classics like Metro 2033 and its sequel Last Lightthe entire Risen series and the rest of the Saints Row franchise (aside from the first instalment). You can currently grab the whole lot for a little under £40.

Saints Row 2 is one of the series’ finer entries, marking the sweet spot between GTA-like sandbox crime and absolute bloody absurdity that began to characterise the later games. It’s well worth a look – especially for free – and even if you’ve already played it, it might be nice to reminisce about a time where the series wasn’t about aliens and men in neon pink cat costumes.

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