RuneScape opens the door to competitive gaming

Fancy earning yourself the title of King or Queen of the damned? Well, RuneScape’s new competitive PvE event will happily crown you as such if you can walk through the doors to the Dimension of the Damned and survive longer than any other player. The event, which lasts just 10 days, will see players launched into a parallel universe where the undead roam the lands and it really is a fight for survival.

During the event, players must attempt to get as high a score as possible over a one-hour session, with the top 1,000 players being picked to take part in a 90-minute endgame where the winner will be crowned. Players are allowed to attempt multiple sessions with only their best score counting as entry into the final, which takes place on the 28th October.

The event wouldn’t be complete without rewards though, and so Dimension of the Damned features a range of rewards for players to claim. Every participant will receive a survivor outfit and the RIP axe; the 1,000 finalists will also win a new ‘The Damned’ title; those in the final 10 will also have their names engraved on the statue in Falador and a Dimension of the Damned pet; and the final five will have further prizes of an all-expenses-paid trip to Jagex and a year’s Premier Club membership for free. The winner, in addition to bagging all previous prizes, will secure 200 million GP, lifetime RuneScape membership, a real-world zombie award, and the title ‘King/Queen of the Damned’.

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