RuneScape Halloween festivities begin

All Hallow’s Eve is upon us, and to celebrate this holiday which I haven’t enjoyed since I became too old to get free candy trick or treating, both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape have launched some spine-tingling events.

RuneScape sees a series of eerie tales coming to Gielinor in the Ghost Stories of Gielinor event, which will lead those who decide to take up the Halloween adventure to earning them a new cosmetic item in The Headless Rider outfit.

As for Old School RuneScape, players will face off against Jonas, a hockey-mask-like-wearing-killer (sound familiar?) who stalks Gielinor. If you manage to survive, then player’s will be rewarded by earning their very own Jonas mask, as well being able to turn their character’s skin a Zombie Blue colour.

So, if like me you’re now too old to go begging for sweets, make sure you check out the spooktacular events being put on by Jagex.

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