RuneScape gets new content

I’m not sure what I’m more surprised by; the fact RuneScape is getting new content or the fact that it is still going at all. I remember it being the game anyone who was anyone would go and play after school while chatting to one another on MSN (showing my age there).

Despite my surprise that it is still going, it seems the hit MMORPG is freshening things up with some brand new content in the form of a new ‘hack-n-slash’ challenge called Shattered Worlds. The new content takes a detour from its roots a little, coming away from the MMORPG path and delivering a brand new solo-player experience for anyone who is still playing the game (I wonder if my account is still active).

David Osborne, lead designer on RuneScape had this to say:

Shattered Worlds provides players with a fantastic opportunity to pit their skills against some of RuneScape’s deadliest creatures. But it’s more than just an infinite fight against monsters; Shattered Worlds allows players to benchmark their character’s armour and weapon sets as they press further and further into the higher brackets of difficulty on offer, overcome varied challenges and win sought-after rewards.”

For further information on both RuneScape and Shattered Worlds click HERE.

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