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Reallusion and Sketchfab: When two become one

It hasn’t just been relatives of the royal family who have been getting together recently, as Reallusion partner up with Sketchfab to combine their expertise. Yup, the two have come together to combine Reallusion’s Character Creator 2.0 advanced 3D characters to Sketchfab’s powerful real-time 3D content viewer & sharing platform.

With the integration of the two systems, this means users can add instant and highly flexible sharing of 3D characters, making the most of both system’s features. But what’s most impressive is now users will be able to both publish and share in real-time 3D characters not just online, but in VR too. And if you checked out our latest interview with Taz Cebula, you’ll know how valuable having VR as part of your game development tools can be.

To learn more about the coming together, including how to create and publish fully-rigged 3D characters directly into Sketchfab, you can head over to the Reallusion website HERE or watch the short video below:

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