Rave Reviews: An intro

by Chris Camilleri
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Hello everyone! For the last couple months, I have been thinking about doing this, but my severe case of laziness was always taking over. That is, until today. I would like to introduce the newest section to FULLSYNC, RAVE REVIEWS. While the complete logo will be coming soon, this basically is a movie section, where we will go over any recently watched film and review and discuss the good and the bad of it.

I would love if this section worked as a two-way affair, in the sense that you guys comment on the latest post with your views, your opinions and even suggestions as to what we guys should watch and review next, and also see if our opinions match. Luckily, we at FULLSYNC have widely varied tastes in terms of movies; Josh likes to piss his pants when watching a movie, while Nil is more secretive about his passions. Unless it involves Jaffa cakes or tea biscuits, as the movie can be 100 minutes of dialogue between these snacks and he would be overjoyed to give it 10/10. This means that any movie suggested will be taken into consideration, and any one of the crew should (supposedly) be happy to watch it and give his honest opinion. After all, that’s what we do! Then again, I would like to remind you that this is purely our opinion and not some professional movie reviewing website, so if you do not agree with anything we say it’s fine! Just tell us and we can have a healthy discussion on the matter.

Regardless of input from your end, we will still post reviews of recent movies which we have watched, or also get hyped on upcoming movies which should hit theatres any time over the coming months. I for one cannot wait for Ready Player One and Tomb Raider to come out, and probably there are lots of you who think the same. I guarantee a review for both will come, which would be the perfect ground where to discuss faithfulness to book or game.

That’s it for this introductory piece for RAVE REVIEWS: Reliving AUDIO VIDEO Experiences. Until next time!

NB: The first review will be coming soon, and the movie we will be going over is the indie hit The Killing of a Sacred Deer.

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