Project Winter Introduces Some Truly Chilling Updates to the Team Survival Game!

by MaddOx
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The developers at Other Ocean have been hard at work adding content and quality of life improvements to their Early Access survival game, Project Winter. The pressure is on with a big announcement coming in early April! Stay tuned for the upcoming news and be sure to check out the hilarious fun-with-friends, survival game on Steam!

Notable Project Winter Updates since Early Access launch

Truth Serum

  • Confirm if your fellow player is a friend or foe! Find the Professor’s Lab and work together to activate the consoles, gain access to the serum, and reveal a player’s true role as either a Survivor or Traitor.

Survivor Airdrops

  • An emergency airdrop for the survivors! This airdrop will spawn when there are 2 survivors left in a game with 7-8 players, or will spawn when there is 1 player left in games of 5-6 players. The survivor airdrop will have repair supplies, survival supplies, and guns to help the remaining survivors reach their rescue point!

Ghost Mode Overhaul

  • Teleport between living players, locate any traps that are placed, and switch between radios to hear the remaining player’s conversations. Become a fly on the wall after you kick the bucket!

Hot Spring Overhaul

  • Both Survivors and Traitors can take a relaxing dip in the hot springs for some surprising effects!

Language Update

  • Project Winter has added Portuguese to their list of available languages in game!

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