Project Sakura Wars will appear in spring 2020 for PlayStation 4

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SEGA is pleased to announce the release of Project Sakura Wars (working title) for PlayStation 4 in Europe in spring 2020. The series that has revolutionized the JRPG / Romance genre with its great character design, strong history, and music, now venture a new trip to Europe.

The player finds himself in a steampunk version of the 1940s “Imperial” -Tokio. Ten years earlier, a cataclysm caused most of the defense forces in Tokyo to be destroyed. The remaining units now operate from a theater. However, this is going through hard times and is close to closure. As captain of the new troops, he struggles to keep his people happy and save the theater from closure.

A first insight into the game is the announcement trailer which you can check out below:

Project Sakura Wars features:

  • The most immersive story ever: Players will interact with many unique characters throughout their adventure. The “LIPS dialgue system” not only determines the player’s response, but also how it is delivered. The relationship with the other characters has an impact on what happened on and off the battlefield. 
  • A rewarding combat system:Equipped with powerful ‘Mechs, the so-called’ spiricle armor ‘, the combat system offers in-depth mechanics, in which each fighter brings his own skills. 
  • A breathtaking anime production: an exciting story with incredibly nice animated cutscenes that leaves nothing to be desired. 
  • Project Sakura Wars will be released in Japanese with English, German, French and Spanish subtitles.

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