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Alternative Software Ltd., a leading independent publisher, is delighted to announce the launch of twin-stick shooter Profane on Steam. Developed by OverPowered Team, and recent winner of Best Action Game in Tencent’s Games Without Borders AwardsProfane challenges players to defeat enemies before the clock runs out. Time is money and health, so split-second decisions are as vital as dexterity in this awesome bullet hell romp.

Cited for its intriguing time system, where the challenge, skill consumption and damage are all reflected in the time limit, as well as its enormous fun and all-round excellence, Profane gears up for release today on Steam as a new champion within the shmup genre.

In Profane players embody Talaal, the last of God’s seven masks. Talaal finds her bearer just in time to fight against siblings that hunt her to absorb the power within the mask. The bearer is now trapped in a war that does not belong to her; a cycle that seems impossible to break.

Watch the trailer below:

Profane features:

  • Award winning time-based health and skill system
  • Customisable ability loadouts allowing players to optimize their game style
  • Competition-focused gameplay enabling you to challenge friends and beat hi-scores
  • Multiple game modes, including Rogue-lite
  • Twitch compatibility allowing viewers to affect the game, upgrading and refreshing the game experience
  • Full gamepad and controller support

Roger Hulley, Managing Director at Alternative Software Ltd., commented:

We’re delighted to finally unleash this beast of a twin-stick shooter, where boss fights are the norm, but the innovative time system cuts through the twin-stick shooter genre like nothing else. Overpowered Team have delivered something truly inspiring and original, and we’re sure fans of the genre will find Profane’s unique twist and incredible production a pure delight.

Profane is available on Steam now priced at £12.99 / €15.99/ $18.99

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