Primal Invasion Hunt Mode is All Set to Take on Drauga

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GTarcade’s Rangers of Oblivion has recently received official recommendations on both the App Store & Google Play Store, as well as new Primal Invasion mode. With a comprehensive hunting system, huge selection of weapons and equipment — and rich and varied mobile gaming experience — the game has been praised far and wide. 

This week, in-game images of the ancient behemoth Drauga have been released. Around thirty times the size of a standard behemoth, the super-giant threat to the stronghold ‘Silver Keep’ has ushered in an all-new hunting mode, Primal Invasion.

This is a high-level hunting event carried out by Rangers in a joint crusade against the ancient super-beasts. Players — divided into the battle group and support group — all fight the same behemoth. All those players receive ancient bloodstones, should they defeat Drauga. With the ancient bloodstones and the technology kept within Silver Keep, players can unlock further weapons upgrades. 

Only high-level rangers can hunt these ancient monsters, they will be equipped with the most rigorous war horses and well-made weapons — and they must learn to fight together. Hunting Drauga, Rangers will need ride horses, keeping a safe distance while chasing and avoiding the super-beast’s attack.

Various newly-designed hunting devices are also available in the update; these help players take on the ancient behemoths. One such weapon is the Soulchain Amplifier, a special device that helps players limit Drauga’s movement; which could certainly mean the difference between life and death.

Why not click HERE to head to the GTarcade website and download Rangers of Oblivion now and check out the Primal Invasion mode.

Rangers, are you eager to go out to the wilderness and fight against the giant beasts now?

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