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Popular mobile title is coming to PC

Usually, it’s the other way round. You get a popular game on console or PC and either a companion app or some kind of modified version of the game makes its way onto mobile phones. This time though, we see a popular mobile game making a transition the other way onto PC.

First Strike: Final Hour is the birth child of the critically acclaimed nuclear warfare strategy First Strike, which hit our mobile phones three years ago. It’s been given a bit of spit and polish since then though with a nice graphical upgrade, and it even looks like the game may have been the gym as it has been beefed up with double the number of available super weapons and a whole new game mode.

The title, which is developed by Blindflug Studios, will be available on May 31st all over the world, and as an introductory offer, will even have 30% off on Steam for a limited time.

Moritz Zumbuhl, President & CEO of Blindflug, had this to say about the release:

“It seems the morbid fascination with nuclear diplomacy and war continues, so we’re happy to indulge that curiosity by bringing First Strike to PC. The message of the game remains the same – that nuclear war is not pretty and no one wins – but it’s still great fun to play and now open to a whole new audience. We also hope that it can help provoke thought on the tense position that the world has entered into.”

And here’s a little trailer of what’s in store:


If that’s not enough for you though, then you can find any other information here on the game’s official Facebook and Twitter pages.

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