PlayStation Past and Present

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So with the years flying by like superman through the sky, oh how I love a good rhyme, it feels just like yesterday we were bright eyed little devils spending our days diving into the world of the PlayStation for the very first time. Speaking personally nothing can compare to the anticipation of the startup screen and running like a mad man to get the remote to turn the TV down before you woke the neighbors up at 1 am.

But with time comes evolution not just of man but of machine! The PS2 crept up on us like a rogue wolf with the development of the eye toy and the fun we all had ‘cleanin windows’, followed by the PS3 adding on the advanced multiplayer options allowing us to play with our friends who weren’t sat right next to us (wow), then comes the PS4, magic graphics, advanced internet options and online game sharing could it get any better? Well Sony certainly think so with Christmas 2020 bringing the long awaited arrival of the PlayStation 5!

PlayStation Original

The ultimate in 90s kid retro gaming heaven. Some of the best games I’ve played have been on this bad boy! Classic console which at the time felt like the height of the technology ladder, now looks less animated than some children’s toys on the shelves today, this doesn’t ruin the magic of the console itself tho, this was many kids first experience of gaming and the games themselves had character and the same mix of thrill and frustration we have today. Lets take a little look at the pros and cons of this bad boy:


  • Small and light weight
  • Physical memory card (could also been seen as a slight con, as i always lost mine)
  • Can now get PlayStation Classic pre-loaded with games
  • Indestructible feel (I dropped mine a whole lot, was still standing)
  • Could play CD’s off
  • Nostalgic feels!


  • Graphics are now inferior to other Sony consoles
  • Wired controllers
PlayStation Classic with controller

PlayStation 2

19 years ago the PlayStation 2 graced our homes, making Christmas Day beautiful for many small and big kids! Slightly more bulky than the original PlayStation but a similar set up even having the capability to utilize your PS1 games on the console, while also being able to play CD’s, DVD’s and having other video capabilities. Games came out thick and fast and this was console was possibly my favourite to play, personal memories of ‘sick’ days from school cuddled up on the couch kicking it to the sims! God I feel old!


  • Very capable technically
  • Popular console
  • Can play PS1 games


  • Small storage via physical memory card
  • Wired controllers

PlayStation 3

Now comes the ultimate in Sony’s console library the original PS3 was a god in its own right with it being capable of playing PS1, PS2 and PS3 games! Online playing became more advanced and you could build your own little team and add your friends to fully utilize the online facilities.

Game graphics improved on this monster and exclusive titles coming out became almost like blockbuster movies such as The Last of Us and Infamous. Not to mention the arrival of the wireless controller, which was epic for sitting where you wanted, but frustrating if you misplace things! This console started the train toward more of an all-round entertainment package with the use of online TV applications streaming directly from console such as Netflix, YouTube and 4OD.


  • Can play all your games from previous consoles if you have the original PS3
  • Graphics were bad ass for its day
  • Blu ray drive rather than typical DVD
  • Wireless Controllers


  • Price increased considerably
  • Later models removed back compatibility

PlayStation 4

We have reached our current level of evolution with the PS4 and its kick start into modern technology with the arrival of; PlayStation VR, streaming from console, 4K graphics with the PS4 Pro and sadly the introduction of having to pay to play online. Although a set back this hasn’t stopped people from buying the console and fully enjoying its unique graphic quality and virtual capabilities.

One major downfall is the overall pricing of the console and the games released which can set you back £50 on their own. Don’t get me wrong for its capabilities the PS4 is a gem but can get a little pricey.


  • Graphics
  • Game download straight to console
  • Memory and storage
  • Game sharing
  • Free games (for those paying for ps plus membership)


  • Costly
  • No back up compatibility
  • PS plus online fee

PlayStation 5

So the long awaited arrival of the new Sony console is only months away now, but we are still in the dark mostly on the fine details we all want to know, but what we have been revealed is mainly the look of the console, controllers and that it is still using a disk format. Although with the release being so far away and Sony playing their cards close to their chest this could all change. We will be sure to keep you updated on any developments we acquire in the upcoming months as I’m sure like us you’re chomping at the bit to find out more!

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