Playdigious sets its sights on PC and consoles

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Playdigious, the established publisher behind the mobile version of Evoland 2 and Cultist Simulator, is proud to announce it is expanding its activity to PC and console starting this August! Four titles are already planned for the upcoming months:

Dungeon Of The Endless [SEGA – AMPLITUDE Studios] on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch

Dungeon of the Endless logo banner

When their escape pod crashes on the unexplored planet of Auriga, prisoners and guards have no choice but to work together to survive. In this rogue-like dungeon-defence game, protect your generator with your team of heroes -each with their own strengths and flaws- from endless waves of monsters and fight your way to the surface to discover the truth about Auriga!

Dungeon of The Endless is being carefully optimised for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4; the release date will soon be announced.

The Almost Gone [Happy Volcano] on PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android

The Almost Gone logo banner

In this contemporary tale, play as a young girl trapped between life and death and explore your surroundings to unravel the dark and poignant truth about her death. Investigate beautifully rendered dioramas, reveal the twists and turns of the plot, and search forensically for clues to take you closer to your final destination.

The Almost Gone has been created through a unique collaboration between Happy Volcano, Joost Vandecasteele, award-winning author, and sound designer Yves De Mey, who also worked on the Oscar-nominated movie Rundskop, recently acquired by Netflix.

The multi-award-winning tale The Almost Gone will be available on PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android; the release date will be announced later on.

Turmoil [Gamious] on Nintendo Switch

Turmoil logo banner

Drill for oil like it’s 1899! In this western-inspired management game, play as an oil entrepreneur during the 19thcentury oil rush in North America. Grow from rags to tycoon, develop your town and get upgrades for an even better drilling-and ultimately, more profits!

Turmoil is being carefully optimized for Nintendo Switch and will include The Heat Is On DLC; the release date will be revealed later on.

Pix the Cat [Pastagames] on Nintendo Switch on August 8th

Pix the Cat logo banner

Put your reflexes to the test and scratch your head with Pix the Cat! This critically acclaimed intense arcade game is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat! Your mission is simple: collect all the ducklings and lead them to a safe zone! Easier said than done, though: if you’re not careful enough, you’ll end up crashing into those poor cuties before you know it!

Pix the Cat for Nintendo Switch will be available in North America, Europe and Australia on August 8th at 15:00 CEST/9:00am PDT and you can already pre-order it!

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