Pesterquest Brings New Lore to the Homestuck Universe

by MaddOx
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Fellow Traveller and What Pumpkin Games are excited to bring Pesterquest, a 14-volume, episodic visual novel created by author and artist Andrew Hussie, to fans of Homestuck, Friendsim and Hiveswap!

Picking up where Friendsim ended, Pesterquest is steeped in Homestuck canon and the player, as returning protagonist MSPA Reader, will get to meet and befriend new kids in each volume. Fans of the IP will find new appreciation and understanding of the storyline and characters of their favourite universe.

Pesterquest is available for both PC and Mac through a Season Pass ($11.99 USD). Volumes One and Two release September 4, 2019, with subsequent volumes to release biweekly through March 2020 (14 Volumes total).

About Pesterquest

Who are you again? And what the hell are you doing here? Wait… is this Earth, and who exactly is that kid over there? He looks nice! 

Embark on a quest of epic importance in Pesterquest, a grimsical episodic visual novel set in the darkly funny Homestuck/Hiveswap universe created by American author and artist Andrew Hussie.  

Find all the answers you’re looking for across 14 volumes of idiosyncratic adventure packed with visual mastery and shrewdly written narrative. As you zap between Earth and Alternia, you’ll discover and reconnect with up to 20 friends both extra and terrestrial.

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