Paul “The Big Show” Wight will join Bungie for a Stream Play

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The infamous Hunter known as Paul “The Big Show” Wight is stopping by The Bungie studio this weekend. He’s going to join the team on stream to play some Destiny. That means that some of you will have a chance to win an Emblem. This will be a Bungie Bounty, but they are going to mix up the activities. Playing a few Strikes, some Vex Offensive, and then finish up with some Crucible so Big Show can pound some Warlocks into dust.

The usual rules for a Bungie Bounty apply: For Crucible, you will need to match into their game and be on the winning team. For everything PVE, you only need to match with them, fight the good fight to earn the new Bungie Bounty emblem.

The last time the team did a Bungie Bounty they played on Xbox. This time it will be played on PS4.

Bungie Bounty
Platform – PS4
October 19 2PM – 4PM Pacific

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