Pathologic 2: Reserve Your Seat at the Performance Today

by MaddOx
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Ladies and gentlemen! You have little more than two weeks now before Pathologic 2 plagues Steam on May 23.  Make sure your affairs are in order and stop by to reserve your seats at the performance. You can do it today at a great discount:

  • 10% Pre-Order Discount
  • 10% Discount for the owners of Pathologic Classic HD
    and tinyBuild fans

Not that it matters though, as the town is doomed and everyone will die in the end. But this is exactly what you aspired, isn’t it?

P.S. essentially this is a press release on the fact that Pathologic 2 is up for Pre-Order on Steam. And the trailer to celebrate is showing just how strange and bizarre the game is. It also launches alongside tinyBuild’s publisher sale which has the most zen and frightening live stream you will ever see.

For more gaming news and potentially creepy videos like the one above, just click HERE and we’ll take you to our news feed.

Also, why not tell us your thoughts on the game so far? Is there anything you like or find intriguing? Maybe it doesn’t seem your cup of ta, or, you’re just worried it will freak you out too much. Either way, it’d be great to hear what some of our viewers think on this soon to be released title from tinyBuild.

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