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Outlast Trinity showing game versions for both Xbox One and PS4

Outlast Trinity bundle announced

If you like horror games then you will have no doubt played or at least heard of Outlast, an amazing first-person survival horror game by the guys over at Red Barrels. If you haven’t heard of it then a) I don’t want to be your friend, b) HOW? and c) go and freakin’ play it now!

If you did play Outlast but didn’t get a chance to play the Whistleblower DLC featuring Eddie and his need to turn you into his bride, or you were hiding in a hole somewhere unaware the game even existed, then we have some good news for you. In April when Red Barrels release Outlast 2, you will also be able to buy an Outlast: Trinity bundle consisting of the original game, it’s Whistleblower expansion and the new title as well, all thanks to their new partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

If I didn’t own the original and it’s DLC already then I’d be snapping this up quicker than I do all the free samples of food in Costco. So for me, it’s just a case of waiting for the sequel to come out so I can settle down, switch the lights off, and get ready to crap my pants all over again.

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