Outlast 2 launches tomorrow

Well, that crept up on us.

Marketing for the horror sequel has been all but nonexistent, so here’s a friendly reminder to tighten your adult nappies and prepare to fill them right up again as you follow journalist Blake Langermann as he tries to make sense of the current political climate without sensationalising it. Truly horrifying stuff. And I guess you’ll also be exploring an eternal darkness in the Sonoran desert populated by disgusting nightmares, too.

I, for one, will not be playing Outlast 2 because horror games where you can’t fight back against your enemies fills me with a poisonous blend of rage and fear that often results in expensive peripherals being broken across my knee like an RGB Bruce Wayne, but if you love running, climbing, hiding and using your wits (shudder) to escape fates worse than death, check out the teaser trailer below for an idea of what Red Barrels is bringing to the table this time.

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