ONINAKI Daemon Infographic

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If you’ve been wondering recently about a particular ONINAKI Daemon, we have you covered in this newly released infographic that can be found below. This image includes some Daemons not shown in the demo which is now available to download for the Nintendo Switch system, PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system and Steam.

ONINAKI Daemon Infographic

In case you get lost in the beauty of the artwork above, we’ve also transcribed the ONINAKI Daemon infographic for you below:

Strategy & Strength are necessary skills in the journey to save the lost souls in the world of the Living and the Beyond. Equipping watcher Kagachi will unlock a range of special attacks.

What skills and abilities do each Daemon possess?


Weapon: Shieldcannons

Skill: Attack at close range and release shattering cannon blasts.


Weapon: Scythes

Skill: Cut through large swathes of enemies with devastating power.


Weapon: Twinblades

Skill: Overwhelm enemies with quick attacks and technical combat.


Weapon: Axes

Skill: Build a stern defence against incoming attacks.


Weapon: Farshots

Skill: Unleash a hail of attacks from afar.


Weapon: Swords

Skill: Gain speed and agility with an epic dash.


Weapon: Spears

Skill: Leap to attack enemies from land or sky.

ONINAKI will be available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Steam on 22nd August 2019.

For more information, visit: www.oninaki.com

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