Onikuma K5 Gaming Headset giveaway

by MaddOx
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To kick September off in style, we’re launching a new giveaway where one lucky person will win themselves a free Onikuma K5 gaming headset.

Usually, when we do this we do a review and then host a giveaway like we did when we reviewed the Onikuma K1, but this time we thought we’d try it the other way around. After all, it’s fun to mix things up now and again.

To enter, all you have to do, like many of our past giveaways, is to complete the tasks set below on the Gleam portal. The more you complete the better chance you have of winning, but that’s not to say you have to enter using every method because, at the end of the day, only one entry can be picked as supreme champion (for legal purposes there is no such title, you’ll just be the winner of the headset).

Good luck to all who enter, and please remember only entrants from the UK are valid, and any found to be from outside the borders of this great nation will have their entries voided.

Onikuma K5 Gaming Headset giveaway

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