Onikuma K1 gaming headset giveaway

To celebrate the recent review of the Onikuma K1 gaming headset, we thought it only right to host a giveaway for one of you peoples to win your very own set. Then we thought, why only reward one person? So we’ve now got four Onikuma K1 gaming headsets up for grabs instead.

We’ll have two available in camouflage grey as seen in our review, and two in camouflage yellow. We’ll try to accommodate the winners best we can with the colours you desire, but as the winners are drawn randomly and prize given to those drawn first, we may not be able to guarantee what you requested. Still, a free headset is still pretty great, right?

As usual, you can enter below using the Gleam portal. The competition will end midnight Sunday 8th April and is only open to entrants in the UK. Any entrants from outside the UK will be voided.

Good luck everyone!

Onikuma K1 gaming headset giveaway


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