Official Kickstarter Launched for The Oyster Hotel

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The Oyster Hotel launched its official Kickstarter – it’s a same-screen co-op 3d action/adventure/fighting game with beat ‘em up elements. It’s set in purgatory where mobsters, crooks and basement dwellers battle for redemption in the afterlife. You play as Ned and Julia, two crooks who love each other more than life itself.
You get to drive things, shoot some gorgeous weapons and you get superpowers from drinking different kinds of coffee. The Oyster Hotel features hand-to-hand fighting inspired by martial arts, fencing, tai chi and a wide range of dance from swing to breakdancing.
The game has been in production for two years now and was created with the goal of creating a game that would be the ultimate way to spend some hours with your favorite partner in crime.
The official demo of The Oyster Hotel will be released on Tuesday, April 9 as a free digital download and you get to:

  • Experience a few of the different worlds in The Oyster Hotel.
  • Play with partners in crime and in the afterlife, Ned and Julia
  • Meet some of the characters including Felix, Lenny and Florence
  • Drive The Florentine and defend (and taste) the coffees.

The Oyster Hotel is currently being developed in Michigan by a married two-person team, Erin and Elijah Hamilton. So far it has been created without any funding, the goal of the Kickstarter campaign is to raise $75,000, which after fees and taxes will provide the budget needed for motion capture gear, audio equipment, computer repairs, data storage, and additional voice talent.

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